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Toronto GP 2011 Review

Canadian Touring Car Championship…

Double Podium for Mathieu Audette at the Toronto Indy GP

Toronto (Ontario), July 10, 2011.– At the wheel of his Dimensions Doors / Novatech Acura RSX Type-S, Quebec driver Mathieu Audette realised a very satisfying return to the Canadian Touring Car Championship, earning one third and one second place finish at the two Toronto Indy Grand Prix races. This marks the best career performance for Mathieu Audette at the temporary urban track In Toronto.

This 2011 Toronto Indy Grand Prix was the season’s first race weekend in the Canadian Touring Car Championship for Mathieu Audette, who was unable to enter the start of the season’s races due to conflicts with new technical regulations.  On a course that he enjoys but has never brought him much luck, Audette was able to prove to everyone that he has not lost his touch, even if things got off to a rocky start on Friday : ” during the only practice session on Friday, we had a problem with our engine. It was impossible to repair and we were thinking that our weekend was ending right then and there.  Luckily, we got the chance to buy from the M&S Racing Team an Acura engine that they used last season and it ran without any problems for the rest of the weekend ” explained Mathieu.

Saturday, for the first of the two races, Mathieu started in seventh place before crossing the finish line in third spot. ” I didn’t really know what to expect, mainly because we didn’t have the time to sort out the car’s settings and work on the suspension.  But everything worked out well and I was quickly able to climb to the Top 5 and then to third spot in the last few laps ” mentioned the Audette Racing driver.

Sunday, Audette started the race in third place. He fought hard throughout the race before overtaking Ontarian Alex Healy on the penultimate lap, finishing second, sixth-tenths of a second from the winner. ” I lost a position and the start but I was able to regain it very quickly.  It was a tight battle for second place, which I was finally able to claim ” shared Mathieu.

The victory in each of the races went to championship leader Richard Boake, in a very powerful Subaru. ” On a temporary urban track, a four-wheel-drive car has an advantage, but Sunday after I passed Healy, I came very close to Boake because he had almost no more brakes.  I put the pressure on but he took the win.  One more lap and I sincerely think that I would’ve won the race ” confided Mathieu Audette, who was nonetheless thrilled with his weekend : ” everyone on the Audette Racing Team did a remarkable job and I thank them all; it’s a great return to the series.  Thanks also to the M&S Racing Team who sold us an engine, enabling us to qualify and race competitively.  Without them, we would’ve been heading home on Friday!  ” he concluded.

The next outing for Mathieu Audette in the Canadian Touring Car Championship is set for the first weekend of August at the Grand Prix de Trois-Rivières.

In addition to the Canadian Touring Car Championship, the Audette Racing Team is contesting the F2000 Series with Mathieu’s younger brother, Rémy Audette. At the mid-point of the season, Rémy is the championship leader. 

The Audette Racing Team benefits form the support of Dimensions Doors, Novatech, Acura Plus Blainville, Les Extrusions du Nord, Verre Select, Jeld Wen, OPM, Amusements Spectaculaire, Les Moulures PFJV, Gulf, Mec-Inov and Omnitech.