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GP3R 2013 Review

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Double Victory at the Grand Prix de Trois-Rivières…

Mathieu and Rémy Audette Still Undefeated in Touring Car This Summer !

Trois-Rivières (Québec), August 11, 2013.– Brothers Mathieu and Rémy Audette once again shared the Canadian Touring Car Championship (CTCC) victories this weekend, presented as part of the Grand Prix de Trois-Rivières.  Similar to the Circuit ICAR and  Mont-Tremblant results in July, Mathieu brought his Dimensions Doors / Novatech Acura RSX to victory in the first race while his brother Rémy claimed the second race in his Dimensions Doors / Novatech Honda Civic Si.  It’s the first time in the history of Canadian track racing that two brothers have clinched all the victories in the same series since the start of the summer. 

Making use of all of his experience at the temporary urban Trois-Rivières course, Mathieu Audette was favoured to win both races listed on the program of the forty-fourth edition of the GP3R.  The event was big success with exciting races, sunny skies, and a large crowd and the Audette Racing Team did not disappoint.  Its weekend started off well with both drivers in the top two positions (Mathieu first and Rémy second) after the practice and qualifying sessions for the first race.

Contested at night with thirty-one cars on the starting line, Rémy took the lead of the first race. ” I was quickly able to build up a little lead and everything was going well.  There were only ten laps left when, as I was lapping a Touring class competitor, he turned into me.  It wasn’t intentional – he just didn’t see me but his car hit my front right wheel and something broke, which forced me to abandon the race ” explained Rémy.

During the first few laps, Mathieu Audette had to battle with Ontarian Alex Healy for second spot and after his brother’s retirement, Mathieu clinched his third victory of the year : ” I love the night track at Trois-Rivières. There’s something magical about racing with our headlights on. Naturally, congestion can cause a problem, which was evident with what happened to my brother ” he explained. ” For me, it wasn’t necessarily a relaxing race because my engine stalled at one point and in the time it took to restart it, Healy passed me.  But, I was able to regain my position and win and it feels great ! ” added Mathieu.

Held on Sunday morning, the second race put forth a much different scenario for the Audette Racing Team.  Despite a small hit into the wall during qualifying on Saturday, Rémy still managed to earn pole position. ” I led all of the laps but it was a hard-fought win ” he confides. ” There was a caution period, which ate away at my entire lead. Once we restarted, Nick Wittmer was very fast and on my heels.  In order to win, I really had to make sure that not even the slightest error occurred ” adds the Québec driver, who crossed the finish line with a lead of seven-tenths of a second. 

” I want to thank the whole Audette Racing Team because after what happened in qualifying on Saturday, everybody worked really hard to give me back a perfect car. We just won six rounds in a row, which is truly exceptional! ” concludes Rémy Audette. As for Mathieu, the second race ended abruptly due to a problem with then engine during the first lap. ” I was hit from behind at the start but it didn’t affect my position … Then the engine broke shortly thereafter. It’s disappointing but it doesn’t overshadow the fact that I won Friday night’s race, which is my favourite of the series ” commented Mathieu, for whom Trois-Rivières marked the last race of his season. 

The Audette Racing Team has just won the last six CTCC races and is undefeated since the start of the 2013 summer.  Even more notably, the Audette brothers have systematically and equally shared the success with Mathieu winning the first round of each race weekend and Remy winning the second each time !

The next outing for the CTCC drivers will be in Ontario in three weeks’ time at the Mosport track for the NASCAR Camping World Trucks weekend.

The Audette Racing Team benefits from the support of Dimensions Doors, Novatech, Les Extrusions du Nord, Verre Select, Jeld Wen, OPM, Amusements Spectaculaire, Les Moulures PFJV, JSA, Robover, Sturtz, Milette Portes, Mec-Inov, Soniplastics and Omnitech.