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Sommet des Legendes : A beautiful week-end in Mont-Tremblant

Despite the accident during his last race, the car of François Audette was ready and very successful for the weekend of the Summit of Legends, last weekend.

The car progressed well throughout the weekend, until a small glitch happened in Sunday’s race.

“We had a problem of oil pressure due to the G-force in the corner # 4, so the pressure dropped to 9 pounds,” François told us after his race. “We did’nt take any chance to damage the engine and we have decided to not race on Sunday. ”

After checking with our engine preparer, no damage was done to the engine. To remedy this kind of situation, the team of Audette Racing has installed an accusome, which will give 3 liters of additional oil if necessary.

The team will meet you during the weekend of the Mont-Tremblant Summer Classic, July 26 to 29.