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A weird year that has come to an end !

A weird year that has come to an end !

Like everyone else, we have had a year out of the ordinary. This situation obviously played a role in our 2020 season.

At least it ended in a great way at the Tremblant Fall Classic last weekend. The team was able to win the first race with the MGB. We were on track to achieve the same in race two as the “frost plug” dropped on the vehicle towards the end of the race, letting all of the water in the cooling system drain out. It was therefore impossible to finish this race.

We then came back in force in the third and final race behind the wheel of the Camaro this time around. Despite the fact that we were last on the starting line, we still finished in first position, ending our season in style!

The Covid-19 situation requires that we shall not be present during the next race. Being in red zones, we prefer to remain vigilant and do our part to counter the spread of this virus.

Thank you to our sponsors for their support once again this year and we look forward to seeing you again next year.