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Varac 2021 – A long awaited return to the track!

Finally, we are back on track! Last weekend marked our return to competition at the Vintage Grand Prix of Varac Canada.

This was our first race of the season, after taking a break to let the strong waves of Covid-19 pass. This break allowed us to prepare and be ready for our return.

We had a great weekend, both in terms of weather and on the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park track. The Audette Racing team was ready and we could see the results in the four races we did.

In the first three races in our group (VH3), we finished second each time. To finish on a high note, we won the last race due to another team’s disqualification. In total, out of 48 cars registered at this Grand Prix, we finished 3rd in all categories and 1st in the VH3 group.

We would like to congratulate and especially thank our entire team, including Jocelyn Laliberté, Claude Frenette and our outstanding engine tuner, John Nichols. Without them, this would never have been possible. A big THANK YOU to you!