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A nice end of season for Audette Racing.

Last week-end was the Classique d’Automne at the Mont-Tremblant Circuit, where there were many races of different series.

The week-end started early last Thursday for the team, trying out François Audette’s car which was driven by his son Mathieu, with the goal of making a couple of adjustments and improvements.

Friday night promised well but finally, it was a difficult day due to mechanical problems mainly with the suspension and braking systems. This has stopped car #37 from participating on Saturdays race. Miracles were needed from the staff of Audette Racing to find and get the missing pieces in Quebec to repair everything in time for Sunday’s race. Big thanks to Jocelyn Laliberté, Mario Villeneuve, Daniel Dubé and our assistant cook, Line Plouffe for their exceptional work.

Everything was finally in place and ready for François Audette and Sunday’s race. Since he could not qualify for the race the day before, car #37 had to start last of its category.

” It was like the good old days of the Honda series: We start off in the back and finish 4th “, Say’s Mr. Audette. ” In traffic, the experience is very useful. I had lots of fun making my way backup, as this reminded me of some very good memories. ”

In the afternoon, François started from 4th position and was ahead of the race after only one lap. He was able to keep this position until the last, where a little driving mistake happened, followed by an exit of the race track. ” A little air bubble went to my head! ” says François while laughing. After this mistake he was still able to retake control and finish first. Due to the rules of the, he was re classed in the preceding group (9th in total). He finished with the time of 1 :49.675.

Since his car is in need of adjustments and a couple of improvements, he has decided that this race would be the last of the season for the team, which means he will not be joining the PCA in Daytona next month.

All the team at Audette Racing wish’s to take this opportunity of this end of season to thank all of its sponsors that have supported them : Dimensions Portes et Fenêtres, Novatech, Soniplastics, Mec-Inov, Verre Select, OPM, Omnitech, Extrucan, Portes Milette, Boulanger and Amusements Spectaculaires.

See you in 2017 for another good car racing season!