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A last minute loss for the Audette Racing team

These last few days have been a bit tormented for us as our team has lost its mechanic. Indeed, Mr. Laliberté resigned a few hours before the Varac race (June 16 and 17). This is why we were not present at this event.

This is of course an important change that forces Mr. Audette to reflect on whether or not he will continue racing next season. This will probably lead to the sale of the Camaro Z28 (in a few weeks). There may also be some Camaro parts and tires for sale, so look out for those interested.

As for the rest of the year, since the Summer Classic and the Legends Summit have both been cancelled, our next event in Quebec will most likely be the Fall Classic. However, we should be able to do some racing in the US before and after this last event in Mont-Tremblant.

In conclusion, for those interested, our Mini project is progressing well. You can follow the progress of our project in pictures on our website ( in the Photos section. This is the last project still in progress with our mechanic (an agreement with Mr. Audette in order to finalize it). We would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Laliberté for his good services during all these years and also for having accepted to finish the projects in progress. We wish him success in his future projects! Health and happiness.