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The return of the Jedi

We are delighted to share with you the highlights of our last weekend of competition. The first day, Friday morning, was devoted to practices. The weather was cool, and despite my belief in speed, I realized I was 10 seconds behind my usual times.

However, I did not let this discourage me. In the second session I was able to cut that gap in half, and during qualifying I was only 2 seconds behind the leader.

During the race, I was finally able to get back to my normal times. I even had the honor of setting the fastest time of the weekend, at 1m59.188s. It was extremely encouraging and I would like to thank my team for their excellent work.

The rest of the weekend went wonderfully. I had the privilege of finishing third in the first race, first in the second, and second in the last race. You can watch the videos races on our website or on our Youtube page.

From June 12, we are heading to Mosport in Bowmanville, where we will participate in the Grand Prix Varac. We look forward to taking on new challenges and sharing our next adventures with you. See you next time!